Workshop Facilitation

Making your next meeting or workshop an efficient, result-oriented discussion.

Team-meetings, annual planning workshops, project group or committee sessions – many people have an ambivalent opinion about them: On the one hand, they are simply necessary, as a large number of processes demand co-ordination and consultation with co-workers or other units / organisations. On the other hand, many discussions remain unsatisfactory for the participants, they take too long and do not produce enough results.

Good facilitation…

• manages and aligns the participants’ expectations towards the meeting and its outcome
• assures a focussed, result-driven discussion
• strives for a balanced integration of participants
• visualises complex issues, making them clearer and thus easier to discuss
• provides fitting tools and methods for an efficient meeting workflow
• records and documents the discussion process and its results

As a trained and experienced facilitator, I can make you benefit from this professional and structured approach during your next meeting or workshop.

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