sustainable industrial areas

Industrial areas and economic zones can be an impressively effective tool for a region’s or country‚Äôs economic promotion. Their importance continuous to grow and so is their (mostly negative) impact on the environment and local communities. Examples from all over the world show that it is far easier to economically fail with an economic zone or to trigger enormous negative side effects than to succeed with it. Sound, holistic and feasible concepts as well as a professional project management can make the difference between a success and a failure.

With multiple years of practical experiences in developed and emerging countries regarding the planning and managing of industrial areas, I am capable of delivering you state of the art in-depth advice on how to make an industrial area a sustainable success.

The advice focusses on project management aspects and processes, covering the whole lifecycle of an industrial area or economic zone: strategic planning, site selection, site master planning, zone development, zone management, monitoring and evaluation, retrofitting, land conversion or land recycling.

My advice includes – among other topics – expertise on different types of zone management structures, capacity improvement of existing zone management structures, zone strategy development, identification of suitable sites to build the zone on, stakeholder involvement, connection to the local economy or diminishing negative impact on the environment.


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