good governance

An efficient, stable and competent public administration is one the key for the functioning of a state and guaranteeing a country’s future. Sound governance in the interest of the public good includes delivering services to the population and businesses and assuring them proper frame conditions.

My governance expertise can support politicians and officials assuring the functioning of their bureaucracy in multiple ways: Be it advice regarding the development of (internal) policies, the creation of a new service unit, anti-corruption measures, the co-operation with other units or authorities, the implementation of a specific government policy or the common elaboration of a strategy.

But even well established public administrations are facing challenges: Budget cuts, reorganisations, increased quality demands, project-oriented collaboration between different authorities, the co-operation with the private sector, the transition to e-government – to name just a few. The introduction of private sector management approaches and tools to public service, in order to foster efficiency and effectiveness, can be an adequate answer.

Having graduated in public administration and having spent more than a decade working in and with authorities in different countries and cultural contexts, I can offer you a variety of services and experiences related to governance. Due to my private sector and organisational development experiences I am also able to establish ties between classical bureaucracy & private sector management approaches, leading to promising public management solutions.


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