Local economic development

Local development is about creating a favourable business environment that strengthens the competitiveness of local enterprises and encourages the creation of new ones with the ultimate goals of employment creation, increasing the quality of life and reducing local inequality / disparity.

The approach concentrates on local and regional actors and their sphere of influence: Local development needs economic opportunities and local stakeholders need to set the necessary frame conditions. What is a simple concept in principle, is often a complex challenge in reality. Much has to be taken care of: infrastructure and real estate development, education and health services, business development services, access to finance, regulatory adaptions, promotion of micro, small and medium sized enterprises, etc.

Who to involve? Which strategy to adopt? Which sectors, clusters or value chains to focus on? How to embed economic promotion in other existing strategies? How to identify economic potential? How to integrate the informal sector?

From stakeholder analysis and stakeholder management, public-private dialogues, strategy development, public-private partnerships and up to concrete implementation measures – I can provide you with the suitable expert advice.


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