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As a Berlin based independent consultant with 14 years of working experiences I offer my clients a number of organisational development and expert consultancy services. If required, a combination of both. In addition, I provide complementary services such as workshop facilitation and project management.

Holding a degree in Public Administration, I started my career in the German local administration in 2001. I then joined the German International Co-operation in 2008, working and living abroad for more than 6 years. During this period, I discovered my interest for facilitating workshops and trainings as well as for organisational development approaches, which lead me to attending respective further education.

Being familiar with public institutions and the private sector, I am able to « move » in both worlds – and to establish ties between them. Thanks to my long term working experience in Germany, Tunisia and Benin and my short time assignments in countries such as the Netherlands, Myanmar, India, Morocco, Algeria and the USA, I am capable of working in different cultural contexts, valuing diversity.

I am also an active songwriter, visual art enthusiast and passionate gamer, possessing insights and an understanding of challenges and opportunities linked to the ground breaking changes taking place in the creative industry – and its connections to the still ongoing digital revolution(s).

My work is dedicated to giving a strong added value to my clients, striving for sustainable and useful solutions that stand the test of everyday life. By following well structured, clear and comprehensible approaches I help my clients to efficiently tackle their challenges.

I deliver my services in fluent English, French and German – almost anywhere in the world.




Als Organisationsentwickler biete ich Organisationsentwicklung und Teamentwicklung an. Dies kann durch Coaching und Führungskräfteentwicklung der Führungskräfte begleitet werden. Manchmal ist auch eine Kombination aus Veränderungsmanagement und Teamentwicklung sinnvoll. Gerade für Veränderungsprozesse ist ein professionelles Veränderungsmanagement hiflreich. Dabei spielen besonders die Erarbeitung einer Vision oder Strategie, also der Strategieentwicklung eine Rolle. Teamentwicklung ist allerdings kein kurzes Projekt, sondern langfristig und strategisch angelegt. Manchmal ist es hilfreich, Szenarien zu entwickeln. Auch ein Training für Mitarbeiter kann helfen, deren Motivation zu erhöhen. Darüber hinaus bin ich auch Musiker, liebe visuelle Kunst, Videospiele und habe Einblicke und Anknüpfungspunkte in die Kreativwirtschaft und IT-Branche.

En tant qu’expert en développement organisationnel j’offre du développement d’équipe, coaching, développement stratégique et du renforcement de capacités. Je peux aussi réaliser des projets en votre nom ou assurer une partie de votre travail. Lors des processus de changement j’offre à mes clients des services de gestion de changement. Dans chaque changement, le développement de stratégie et d’une vision est important. Je suis aussi musicien, j’adore l’art visuel ainsi que des jeux vidéos. Pour cela je possède de liens avec l’industrie créatif / créative et l’industrie web et numérique.



Martin Reinfeldt Consulting is a network partner of:


An international consulting firm with its headquarters in Berlin and a focus on organisational development, facilitation and training.


A Hamburg based international consulting firm providing services in organisational and human resource development, strategy and management advice as well as project management.

Logo GIZ 2
A network of GIZ GmbH projects, as well as GIZ headquarters, collecting and providing knowledge, organising exchange and promoting approaches and standards for sustainable industrial areas in countries such as India, China, Germany, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Mexico, Indonesia or Myanmar.

VIDEONOMAD sans ecriture

An independent, artist-led project dedicated to video art and exhibiting video projections in public spaces or in alternative cultural spaces during artistic events. Its mission is to shed light on African artists and those of the African diaspora.





Selected assignments

Facilitation of an anti-corruption workshop for the staff of a good governance project
GIZ GmbH, Benin, 2016

Elaboration of a brochure for German small and medium sized enterprises on market entry opportunities in the Moroccan renewable energy and energy efficiency sector
Moroccan-German Energy Partnership, Morocco 2015 – 2016

Change Management training for specialists and executive staff of the German Federal State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Training institute of the state’s Ministry of the Interior, Germany, 2015

Development of guidelines for the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Industry regarding the transition towards sustainable industrial areas
GIZ GmbH, Morocco, 2015

Support and advice to the Works Council regarding a major change process
Oxfam Novib, Netherlands, 2015

Elaboration of a handbook for political advisors and politicians regarding the establishment and management of special economic zones (with focus on South-East-Asia)
GIZ GmbH, Germany, 2014

Advice on the development of an industrial zone law and backstopping during the legislative process
GIZ GmbH, Myanmar, 2014

Concept & management of the component « Sustainable planning of industrial zones » of the GIZ project ReCapZI
GIZ GmbH, Tunisia, 2011 – 2014

Regularly designing and facilitating workshops as part of the project work
GIZ GmbH, Tunisia, 2010 – 2014

Workshops facilitation for the inter-ministerial steering group of the ReCapZI project
GIZ GmbH, Tunisia, 2012-2014

Design and monitoring of an infrastructure study of 160 industrial areas
GIZ GmbH, Tunisia, 2012

Design and development of a guideline for the sustainable planning of industrial areas in Tunisia
GIZ GmbH, Tunisia, 2012 – 2014

Backstopping an assessment of selected industrial areas
GIZ GmbH, Myanmar, 2013

Development / implementation of a training format for effective communication of development cooperation projects
GIZ GmbH, Tunisia, 2013

Advising the Ministry of Industry and other authorities on sustainable planning and management of industrial areas
GIZ GmbH, Tunisia, 2010 – 2014

Advising the city of Ouidah on developing an economic promotion strategy
DED gGmbH, Benin, 2008 – 2009

Co-organisation of a trade mission by the region of Western Pomerania to the USA
Hanseatic City of Stralsund, Germany / USA, 2007

Marketing of industrial and commercial areas
Hanseatic City of Stralsund, Germany, 2005 – 2007

Coordination of all administrative matters at business settlements and expansions according to the one-stop-shop principle
Hanseatic City of Stralsund, Germany, 2005 – 2007



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